Time Line

Feb 2018

Bolton Schools ICT

Feb 2018 - Present. Web Design Consaultant

Leading the Schools ICT Webs team, providing custom web design service to Bolton Schools, ensuring all school website meet strict web design standards and Ofsted website compliancy.

Shortley after starting with Bolton SICT I started implimenting a new process that organised school statutory information with a simple user interface and process that allows site visitors to find required information within 2 to 3 clicks. 

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June 2012

The Bridge Safe Social Networking

June 2012 - Present. Cofounder - Operantions Manager

Helping educators develops young people’s skills by providing them with a contemporary learning environment where students are thought their rights and responsibilities as Digital Citizens.

Overseeing the production and provisions of The Bridge services. Ensuring The Bridge is running as well as it possibly can, with a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of our clients.

My other duties included:

  • Planning and controlling change
  • Managing quality assurance programmes
  • Researching new technologies and alternative methods of efficiency
  • Install setup and configue Linux Web Servers, Firewalls, Server Monitoring and DNS Managment
  • Installation and configuration of opensource applications including online Support Tickets, CRM, CMS to name a few

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May 2010

Temii Web Design

May 2010 - Present. Founder 

Owner of Temii web design an online webdesign business. Providing local busineses an Online presence and webdesign services on a budget.

My other duties included:

  • Google and Facebook adds and SEO managment
  • Creation of Online eCommerce Store
  • Creating of members area for paid service including mobile App Store.
  • Setup of secure online payment gateway
  • Social Marketing
  • Creating and managing on online support ticketing system with 99% positive response rate.

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June 2009

Sciphone Setting

June 2009 - 2011. Antrepreneur - Webmaster

Finding a niche in the market to support budget smartphone I created my first eCommerce store using Joomla CMS, I provided OTA Network Settings with a free mobile App Store for my paying clients.

My site was google ranked 7 definition: "You're hot and you're one of the top sites."

My other duties included:

  • Creating and installing Secure Certificates (HTTPS)
  • Install configure eye catching Joomla eCommerce website
  • Install and configure secure payment gateway
  • Creation of members area including Mobile Application Store
  • Search Engine Optumisation
  • Blogging

Joomla PayPal eCommerce Mobile App Store Photoshop SEO

May 2008

Intoduction to Joomla CMS 

May 2008. Humble Beginings

Having been introduced to Joomla CMS by my older brother I was intrieged and quickly became passionate about web design, I started spending a lot of time building websites for friends and family in England and abroad, I also created a family Genealogy website that included 7 generations of my family.


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